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Custom Cast Marble Showers

When it comes to designing or renovating your bathroom, the shower will be one of the most important elements. You want a shower that looks great, meets your personal needs and holds up well over time. Due to its beauty, versatility and durability, cast marble, also known as cultured marble, remains one of the most popular options for the shower.

So Versatile It Fits Anywhere

Whether you have a home in the country or a sophisticated condominium in the city, we can create a custom designed cast marble shower that will fit perfectly into your bathroom design. Custom fabricated cast marble is no longer like the cultured marble of prior decades; instead it allows you vast possibilities for custom shower designs. And the unlimited color and pattern options give you more latitude to design the exact cast marble shower you have always dreamed of having.

Many Custom Shower Options & Accessories

Customization means that in most cases relocating your shower drain is unnecessary; making replacement easier, especially on a concrete slab. Custom showers can be customized to fit virtually any shape or size. In addition to not being limited in size and shape, with cast marble we have the ability to custom make your shower color to match any tile, paint or décor scheme, whether contemporary or modern. 

Custom designed marble showers can be enhanced further by adding seats, borders or soap & shampoo dishes. Custom cast marble shower options and products Synmar & Castech can custom-manufacture for your bath include: 

  • Standard sized shower pans
  • Custom-sized shower pans
  • ADA custom-sized shower pans
  • ADA shower ramps
  • Walk-In showers
  • Textured walk-in / dry-off areas
  • Custom cultured marble shower walls
  • Shower borders
  • Decorative shower trim
  • Framed bench seats
  • Floating corner seats
  • Shower shelving
  • Shower ceilings
  • Shower kneewall surrounds
  • Custom kneewall caps
  • Shower thresholds and risers
  • Recessed soap dishes
  • Recessed shampoo dishes
  • Recessed soap & shampoo combo dishes
  • Decorative fluted trim

Cast Marble Showers Are Very Durable

One of the greatest advantages of using cast marble shower walls is its durability. Other materials, such as natural marble, fiberglass, acrylic or tile, are very porous, making them more susceptible to damage, cracking, leaking, and staining. 

Our custom cast marble showers are made with crushed marble and resins that allow daily use without worrying about surface damage or constant maintenance. 

For those of you that are familiar with fiberglass or acrylic shower pans; one of the great benefits of cast marble is that you don’t get the trampoline feel when you step into a custom fabricated cast marble shower pan. Cast marble pans are heavy, hard and durable. No flexing here!

The Ease of Cleaning Cast Marble – No More Grout!

Cast, or cultured, marble is incredibly easy to care for and eliminates the need for porous grout lines when you use it in place of tile. No more worries about water leakage caused from cracked grout. No more scrubbing grout! Cast marble is also bacteria and mildew-resistant and can be easily wiped down with any non-abrasive cleaning spray. The process of cleaning is easier, quicker, and doesn’t require special cleaning products. 

If you are designing a new bathroom, our friendly and expert design team can help you select the custom cultured marble shower design that would work best for your bathroom layout. We offer a large selection of cast marble shower materials to choose from, allowing you to match the shower with the rest of your bathroom décor. 

Visit our Atlanta showroom today to see all of our custom designed cast marble shower options and products. Our team looks forward to helping you design your dream bath with a custom cast marble shower from Synmar & Castech.

Decorative Shower Trim Options

Shower Colors

Color matching is available when designing your custom cast marble shower from Synmar & Castech. Please refer to the Solid Colors section for examples of colors that can be used to create your custom color.

Textured Surface Options

Textured cast marble shower walls and floor panels add an extra level of design and functionality. These panels can be used for more than just shower walls, but also dry-off areas and flooring footers.

We're Here To help

Let our experience help you add beauty and value to your home. We always work closely with our customers to plan and create a look that will suit your taste, ideas and lifestyle.

Due to Covid 19, showroom appointments are required for the safety of our staff and customers. Please call us at 770-478-0770 to schedule your showroom appointment.