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Care and maintenance for Cast Stone and Marble

Cast Stone is practically maintenance free and one of the most stain-resistant surfaces available, Cast Stone also happens to be the easiest to maintain – simply wipe clean with glass cleaner or another non-abrasive cleaner. Mold and mildew simply do not grow on its non-porous surface – a definite plus for showers, bathtubs and vanity tops. Cast Stone not only adds luxury to your bath, it takes away troublesome chores.

1. For regular cleaning, use any non-abrasive cleaner, such as a mild detergent, 409 spray, Fantastik or Windex. Squeegees are great for wiping down Cast Stone shower walls, seats, etc. This is all you will need to maintain your Cast Stone.

2. Never use Ajax, Soft Scrub, Bon Ami or any cleaner that feels gritty. Do not use rough sponges or clothes, steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, wire brushes or metal tools on any part of your Cast Stone. These will dull the gel-coast finish on your gloss finish.

3. Do not use harsh chemicals, such as ammonia or bleach. Extended exposure to harsh chemicals can cause discoloration. Some chemicals, such as nail polish remover, paint remover, etc., can cause permanent damage.

4. Do not burn candles that are not in or on a base that will keep heat from your Cast Stone’s surface. Heat from curling irons can cause discoloration or burns if not used properly.

5. Keep your Cast Stone’s surface dry underneath tooth brush holders, soap dishes, etc. Moisture trapped under these types of items can cause discoloration.

6. Do not expose your Cast Stone to extreme water temperatures frequently or for an extended amount of time. This can cause thermal shock in your bowl. We recommend your hot water tank is set at a normal temperature of 120° F. You may also mix a small amount of cold water in with your hot water if you plan on running the hot water for an extended amount of time.

7. Denatured alcohol can be used to remove build-up of hair spray, paint, etc. Wash and dry the area after removing the build-up.

8. A coat of wax, such as Gel Gloss, Hope’s Cultured Marble Polish or auto polish, can be applied occasionally to help keep the lustrous finish on your Cast Stone.

9. Baking Soda and water may be used to remove slight stains and discoloration caused from curling irons, nick-knacks that have not been moved for awhile, etc. If the stain is from hard water or mineral deposits, cleaners for removing iron, calcium, etc. can be used, however it is very important to read and follow all label instructions. Rinse and dry the area after cleaning

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