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Our Wide Variety of Custom Bathtubs

As your dream bathroom renovation begins to take shape, you may find yourself staring at a gaping hole where your new bathtub should be. Will you settle for some big-box store, off-the-shelf tub, or will you indulge in a custom bathtub available from a high quality provider like Synmar and Castech? 

Bathroom remodels have been known to return more on homeowners’ investments than any other renovation. If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, why not step it up and upgrade to the sort of tub that reminds you of a posh resort, beautifully appointed presidential hotel suite, or owner’s cabin of a luxury ocean liner? Consider the many advantages, beyond the long-term investment, of amazing custom bathtubs. 

Shape of Things to Come

Our luxurious custom bathtubs come in three shapes to provide you with ready answers to any space or design challenge:

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Corner

For each of these general shapes, you can choose from several design options. We at Synmar and Castech are proud to offer three rectangular custom bathtubs, three oval baths, and two corner custom bathtubs to fit any space. Whether you need to accommodate two people in one cozy tub, a short bath, or a tight corner space, we have the custom bathtub to help.

Rectangular baths include these three designs:
  • The Marseille—six feet of pampered luxury
  • The St. Maritz—a six-foot hourglass shape to cradle you
  • The Seville—a five-foot tub with jets available in six colors
Oval baths are offered in three arrangements:
  • The Lausanne—a six-foot cocoon of warmth
  • The Odessa—large enough for two to bathe away stress, or heat things up
  • The Valletta—a five-foot gem for tighter spaces
Corner baths typically provide for dramatic staging, help solve layout riddles, and make for easy entry and exit:
  • The Leiden
  • The Venice

Nice Finish

Our custom bathtubs offer many choices in finish, through the amazing technology of cast marble, or cultured marble. Cast marble custom bathtubs allow for a beautiful, smooth finish that requires almost no maintenance. From a wide selection of colors and patterns, you choose the perfect accent color, complementary tone, or adjacent color to work with new or existing bathroom features.

The tough, bacteria-resistant cast marble surface cleans easily with non-abrasive spray. You can spend time luxuriating in your custom bathtub without worrying about a lot of bending, scrubbing, and sanitizing.

Custom Bathtubs

When we at Synmar and Castech say “custom bathtub,” we mean custom, from the pipes up! Your new bathtub can be made to your exact specifications:

  • size
  • color
  • shape
  •  drain location
Further, we can help you select from features that set your custom bathtub apart from the rest:
  • whirlpool jets
  • air/bubble bathtubs
  • whirlpool and air bath combination
  • bathtub heaters
  • tub lighting


Whether you want to cast a calming, serene mood with your custom bathtub, need a sturdy soaking tub for the family athlete, or want a romantic getaway right in your own home, our custom bathtubs and whirlpool baths are a showroom visit away.

Imagine stepping into your new bathroom accented by gently glowing candles, and slipping into a deep, enveloping tub of bubbles and warmth. Imagine easing aches and pains with therapeutic soaks. Or consider the family fun of scrubbing the little ones in a bathtub that can handle all the toy tugboats and bubble bath monsters your kids can create.

Here to Help

At Synmar and Castech we are ready to show you our many custom bathtub offerings, but more important, we are ready to listen. We want to work with you to help you realize your dream of an ideal bathroom environment. Stop in today, or contact us, to discuss how we can provide you with the custom bathtub perfect for your needs.

We're Here To help

Let our experience help you add beauty and value to your home. We always work closely with our customers to plan and create a look that will suit your taste, ideas and lifestyle.

Due to Covid 19, showroom appointments are required for the safety of our staff and customers. Please call us at 770-478-0770 to schedule your showroom appointment.