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The Rise and Fall of Natural Granite Countertops

Natural granite countertops have always been a thing of beauty. Sturdy, seemingly ever-lasting, and quite stylish in its own way, granite has been a popular countertop material choice for many years. Recently more and more people have been asking the same question; is granite going out of style? While the answer to this query is no, natural granite is still quite common, although there is a trend to consider other materials that are becoming available for kitchen countertops.
Granite has been used in construction for a long time; the Great Pyramids of Giza are partially constructed of the material. The stone is hard, stands up to all sorts of punishment, and can be strikingly beautiful. In the beginning, it was an expensive material, but as popularity grew it became more and more affordable, leading to even bigger increases in its use. It wasn’t used for countertops, however, until many years after the Ancient Egyptians had come and gone. It began to see use as a countertop option in the 1980s. By the mid-90s it had become a very popular option for countertops and still remains one of the most popular choices today; however new engineered quartz is also becoming a more increasingly popular material choice for homeowners. There are a few explanations for this new trend.

Granite is visually striking and has been used for decorative purposes for years. A granite countertop draws the eye and acts as the centerpiece of any kitchen. However, even though natural granite is exotically beautiful, natural granite patterns can be very busy and overwhelming in newer décor schemes. Another reason that engineered quartz is becoming the most asked about option for kitchen countertops is maintenance. Engineered quartz is extremely durable, more so than natural granite, and does not require any periodic sealing to maintain the surface. Quartz is not porous, therefore it is an excellent maintenance-free countertop option for homeowners. More and more homeowners today are looking for products that are not only durable, but also easy to clean and maintain, and also meets today’s décor trends.

Changing Kitchen Styles
In regards to style, granite has a lot of natural design and pattern which allows the natural pattern of the stone to be the focal point of any room. Not everyone wants their countertops to be the focal point and would rather lean towards a durable, easy to maintain material that is more neutral and blending. For this reason, engineered Quartz countertops are becoming more and more popular for countertops.

What’s a homeowner to do? If you decide to remodel your kitchen, make sure to give a good deal of thought to your countertop options. You can, of course, make them out of the material you like the best; granite, quartz or otherwise. If you’re remodeling with intent to sell, however, choosing a neutral material that is durable and easy to maintain might be in your best interest.

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