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Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2015

Every year there is yet another evolution for the decorating trends of the modern kitchen. This year, the 2015 kitchen has a lot to offer. From wood grains to metals – there are colors and materials to consider.

The Value of Updating with the Trends

When homeowner’s attend to the most popular and practical approaches in kitchen design – they are raising the home’s value.

A trend catches on because it shifts perspectives, and they become upgrades that build on the advantages set in place by previous approaches. When designing an all new kitchen, new trends will often usher in savings as well as other unexpected advantages.

Communication with Color and Space

An example is the move from the separate box-style kitchen to the living area combination room.  Not only does this help with human connection, but the depth and warmth of the colors can be used to make their own unique communication.

Follow the trends and upgrade your kitchen with informed design improvements especially when they are the result of an evolution such as when newer technologies and materials become more available.

Know the Difference between Trendy and Classic

Many great designs continue to lean heavily into classic long-lived styles such as making kitchens elegant with stone, or cozy with wood grains. Granite and Quartz countertops, for example, will never lose their kitchen appeal due to the remarkable surface qualities, as they are both durable and unusually beautiful.

Quartz is one of the new 2015 trends, in support of the simple white or solid-colored kitchen designs that are making their way into so many new homes right now. Trends with staying power – such as quartz counters, are the ones to bet your money and time on.

Cherry Wood Cabinets That Support Copper and Bronze

Another 2015 trend includes the return of the warm, rich and oh-so-beautiful cherry wood.

Cherry wood makes especially good sense for those embracing the 2015 trend of moving further away from stainless steel, while looking towards warmer metals such as copper and bronze.

 Simplicity and Appliances That Blend-in Trend In 2015

The trend towards simple will also be reflected in 2015 by the visuals defined by how well the countertop appliances actually blend into the surroundings. This also supports the copper and warm metal trend.

Any home decoration project should always strike a balance between trendy and classic — especially since kitchen projects are costly. The work done needs to really last. Here is a list of the most popular 2015 trends making its way into homes today:

  • Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wood Grains and Stains
  • Wood Color Stories
  • Open Floor Plan Designs for the Kitchen and the Home
  • Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances
  • Metallic or Gray Kitchen Cabinets
  • Warm Metal Kitchen Fixtures and Accents
  • White, Granite and Colorful Sinks
  • Forget Stainless Steel Fixtures
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Up-To-Date Finishes for fixtures, handles, knobs

In 2015, designers are declaring white the freshest new “neutral.” Truly, this color makes perfect sense in your kitchen. Simple, clean, uncluttered. Un-fussy kitchen cabinetry should be hosted with appliances that blend into the cabinets. It should seem they are merely an extension of them.

Gray is also a strong contender. The other “hottest neutral color” delivers a trendy palette for 2015 designers. Stone gray is seen as the “fresher choice” than the Khakis, beiges or camels that have dominated the last few decades.

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