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Sinks: New Art for Your Bathroom

We all love having beautiful art in our home. Nothing wows guests and makes us feel more comfortable in our home than seeing beautiful artwork that we personally took the time to select and purchase; but did you know that art can be found in the most interesting places, such as the sink in your bathroom?

Vessel Sinks
Vessel sinks are bowls that are placed on top of the vanity top or slightly recessed down into the vanity top. Vessel sinks are available in a variety of beautiful colors, textures and materials. These sinks, which can be made of glass or other resources, can dazzle the eye of your guests and bring the design of a room together in beautiful, unique ways. Beyond their artistic merit, vessel sinks are also functional without being susceptible to water damage.

Vessel sinks can also be made from awe-inspiring crystal, which gives off a natural feel like nothing else. The purples, greens, and blues that are present in these sinks go well with a variety of designs. Furthermore, the sheen and gloss of the basin will brighten the atmosphere of your bathroom, making it feel comfortable and inviting to everyone who steps in the room.

Design and Functionality
Vessel sinks aren’t the only sink designs that can look amazing. They can be designed and created from beautiful pieces with distinct functions that are unique to sinks in general. For example, there are sinks that function as a detachable basin, which allows for you to take the bucket wherever you might need, filled with anything from water to fruit or cold drinks. There are also sinks with faucets that can be used as a towel rack in addition to being a source of water.

Artistic Wonders
You might think that these sinks place their function over their artistic sources, but there are obviously very artsy sinks available, as well. Some sinks are made of bright ceramics and are molded into unique shapes, which makes them come across more like art pieces. Stunning mixtures of colors and patterns are sure to catch the eye of all who gaze upon them; and yet these sinks still function as a household source of water, whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the home.

All of these types of sinks are great examples of how art can show up anywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. There are more classic sinks as well, that look just as great in a much wide array of rooms; it really comes down to one’s personal – and artistic – preference. Whether you are looking for something unique or something classic, there is without a doubt a sink from Synmar & Castech that will wet your artistic palette while at the same time serving its functional purpose.

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